Graduate Plus 1 Technical Programme

To develop graduates with skills in Food Safety and Hygiene, this will help students gain a competitive edge in the food industry market. Student will be awarded a certification of participation.

Food safety and hygiene program is a special training program that consists of seven (4) modules as a whole. This program will use the services of experts and trainers who have extensive experience in the food industry. Curriculum modules will be developed with professionals from the food industry. The uniqueness of this program is the involvement of industry professionals as instructors who will share the input from the perspective of industry as well as providing participants to “real time situation” faced by the industry.

The participants will undergo intensive training for 5 days prior to the industry Placement. During placement, the instructor will visit students to hold a session on “coaching” as well as help participants adapt to various situations.


  1. Module 1 – Food Safety and Hygiene : This course is an introduction to food safety and hygiene. It covers basic food hygiene, food safety factors, factors and ways to overcome the problem of food poisoning; and food safety system.
  1. Module 2 – Personal Hygiene : This course teaches participants about the knowledge and techniques in personal hygiene, especially for food handlers. It involves cleanliness clothing, health care and hygiene.
  1. Module 3 – Cleaning and Sanitation: This course gives participants the importance of cleaning and sanitation as well as the types of washing, cleaning agents, cleaning measures, the effectiveness of the cleaning process and ways to avoid cross contamination.
  1. Module 4 – Good Manufacturing Practices: This course is essential for students who want to get involved in the food industry. Through this course, participants will be exposed to the eight elements in the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


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