Certification Skill


Food industry considers the quality and safety of its products as its main concern. The Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) has introduced the Food Safety Assurance Programmes such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point and ISO 22000 in pursuant to Food Hygiene Regulations 2009. These systems, which are accepted globally, are proven to be effective against accidental contamination. However, these systems have not been routinely used to detect or mitigate deliberate, fraudulent actions on a system or process. These actions include the deliberate contamination of food, or food fraud.

Food fraud deceives the consumers by providing them with lower quality foodstuff, against their knowledge and will. When fraud incidents are discovered, they can result in large profit losses and reputation damage for companies. Therefore, companies with brand recognition are encouraged to protect their products through quality and purity assurance testing programme.

In relation thereto, Unipeq Sdn. Bhd., a company wholly owned by UKM Holdings, will be introducing a certification scheme, namely “Tested by UNIPEQ UKM”. Through this scheme, Unipeq Laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025) will provide analytical services to the engaged companies by carrying out necessary tests on their products. Upon certification, these companies shall be allowed to use clause or tagline “Diuji oleh UNIPEQ UKM” or “Tested by UNIPEQ UKM”, subject to terms and conditions.


  1. To ensure food producers adhere to food safety and quality regulation at all times
  2. To instil responsibility awareness among food manufacturers
  3. To monitor safety and quality of food products
  4. To build trust towards products that has been tested at Unipeq


  1. Fulfil the legal requirements of Food Act 1983 and its regulations
  2. Deliver proven accurate and precise laboratory result
  3. 23 years of trusted and reputability
  4. Fulfil food safety and hygiene responsibility towards customers
  5. Leverage on our promotional activities
  6. This certification scheme is a check and balance for industry