Young Manager Programme

We are pleased to announce the start of a new program, a public-private partnership programme between UnipeQ Sdn. Bhd., Hong Leong Foundation and supported by Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat. This program aims to provide a head-start and opportunity for these underserved children and orphans from the ages 17 to 23 years old to uplift their station in life and help build a sustainable lifestyle within the community.

Three (3) months full-time outcome-based learning programmes (30% lecture and 70% hands-on / practical):
Certificate in Food Safety and Food Hygiene


  • These programmes are aimed at providing students with the essential skills to:
  • Achieve high level knowledge on matters particular to food safety/hygiene
  • Achieve practical competency in chemical and microbiological analysis important to ensure food safety
  • Address business focus
  • Establish problem solving culture
  • Create an engaging and empowering team culture
  • Engage continuous improvement activity and innovation
  • Establish a culture of teamwork, engagement and continuous learning
  • Forge attitudes necessary for personal and organizational success

At the end of the course, participants will be awarded with a certificate issued by UnipeQ Sdn. Bhn and employment opportunities in the food industry.

If a corporation is interested to be a sponsor as part of Corporate Responsible please inquire;
Nadia Yusof at 03 – 8921 5965 / 012 652 4055 /