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Training Room

Our training rooms have flexible setup based on the client needs and suitable to be set whether as training room, discussion room, workshop or events purpose. The venue includes basic audio-visual equipment and basic amenities to ensure the session run smoothly and effectively.

Training Room


This training room can accommodate up to 30 pax (maximum) at one time

Training Room

Intron Ekson

This training room can accommodate up to 51 pax (maximum) at one time.

Our Facilities

Chemical Lab

Unipeq’s Chemical Laboratory is one of the leading laboratories providing food and feeds testing services. We have more than 25 years of experience in high quality analytical testing services with valid and credible test methods as well as professional accreditations such as:

  • One of private laboratories recognised by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) to carry out food analysis as a guide to the food industry.
  • MPOB licensed laboratory for the analysis of all type of tests for Palm Oil & Its Products in Malaysia.
  • One of BioNexus (BNP) laboratories selected by Bioeconomy Corporation to provide industry access to their services, expertise, and facilities.
  • Registered Food Analysts – Malaysia Food Analyst Act 2011 Section 18.
  • Registered Chemists – The Chemists Act 1975.
Our Facilities

Water Lab

Our Water Laboratory use approved methods to analyze various water samples such as drinking water, ground water, wastewater and others.

Our Facilities


Our DNA Laboratory provides a range of tests to assist in Halal verification. Our Porcine DNA method has been accredited under ‘International Organization for Standardization 17025’ (ISO 17025) to ensure accuracy and reliability of the results.

Our Facilities

Microbe Lab

To comply with national & international regulations, food industry is frequently required to test their products for microorganisms, where their presence and growth could present a human health hazard. Our accredited Microbiology Laboratory offers an extensive range of methods to detect most of microorganisms and pathogens of concern to the food professional.